Providence Water, although a department of the City of Providence, is regulated by state and federal agencies in addition to city policies and procedures. The quality of our treated drinking water is regulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Rhode Island Department of Health. Our revenue and rate structure is regulated by the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission.

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Scituate, Rhode Island: The Providence Water Supply Board and State Representative Michael Marcello of Scituate proudly held a commemoration of the 100-year anniversary of the enabling legislation that created the Scituate Reservoir for the City of Providence and related water supply system.

The event took place on Saturday, June 20, 2015 at 10am in the lobby of the Treatment Plant at 61 North Road, Rte. 116, Hope, RI  02831.

Occasionally Providence Water receives consumer questions or complaints regarding the appearance of drinking water, specifically iron-tinted discolored water. There are two major sources that can cause water to be discolored – flow changes in the water mains caused by a main leak or an open fire hydrant, and/or the water pipes in your property, often from a failing hot water heater.

Contract 7 entails replacing/relining mains and replacing lead services in the Auburn section of Cranston. Homes and businesses will continue to receive water while construction is ongoing.

Its critics say the US penny has become obsolete, and there has been much discussion about taking it entirely out of circulation. The reason for this thinking is simple-there's not much left of any value that you can buy for one cent. Yet, at today's rate, Providence Water customers still receive an astounding value - about 48 eight-ounce glasses of high quality drinking water, delivered right to their faucets, for just one penny!

The work shall consist of the cleaning and cement lining of approximately 46,250 L.F. of existing 6", 8" and 12" cast-iron water mains; and the removal and replacement of appurtenances (valves, hydrants and services), including the replacement of existing lead water service lines with new copper water service lines and appurtenances within public space, and the associated permanent restoration of streets, sidewalks, and grassy areas, within the Providence wayland and Blackstone service areas of the Providence Water Supply Board’s distribution system.