Providence Water, although a department of the City of Providence, is regulated by state and federal agencies in addition to city policies and procedures. The quality of our treated drinking water is regulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Rhode Island Department of Health. Our revenue and rate structure is regulated by the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission.

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FA 55 Mount Pleasant-East/Elmhurst Section

Please be advised that Providence Water crews have completed late night unidirectional hydrant flushing in the Mount Pleasant- East/ Elmhurst Section of Providence 

During flushing operations customers may experience a temporary reduction in pressure and discolored water.

The flushing program was completed:

Start Date: Completed November 10, 2016

Time: 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM (Duration: 8 Hours/Night)

Sequences scheduled to be flushed: Sequences 140 through ~160

Normal Hours of Operation (Sunday Night - Friday Morning)

(Night flushing will be performed for this flushing area)

Expected Duration: ~28-35 Working Days (Weather Permitting)

Crews have completed performing sequences on Arbor Dr., Rosebank Dr., Pleasant Valley Parkway, Smith Street, and Pembroke Ave., and the northwest quadrant. 

A flushing map is available to identify the streets that will be flushed for each sequence.

How to read the flushing map

  • Each segment of the map is identified by a flushing number.
  • A flushing sequence consists of a group of sequential numbers that indicate a flushing area.
  • Red lines in the flushing map indicate streets that are scheduled to be flushed.
  • Blue lines in the flushing map indicate streets that have been flushed.


View Flushing Map for Mount Pleasant -East Elmhurst Section 

Crews will do their best to adhere to projected flushing schedules, however some flushes may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather or unforeseen maintenance issues. Flushing sequences defined above are estimated and may not be completed as anticipated.