Providence Water, although a department of the City of Providence, is regulated by state and federal agencies in addition to city policies and procedures. The quality of our treated drinking water is regulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Rhode Island Department of Health. Our revenue and rate structure is regulated by the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission.

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Treatment Process

Providence Water operates one conventional water treatment plant to purify source water which flows from the Scituate Reservoir to the plant. The raw water characteristics from the Scituate Reservoir are typical of well protected surface water supplies in the New England region. It is a low pH, low alkalinity, low turbidity water with seasonal overturn events. The plant utilizes a conventional treatment process. The hydraulics of the plant allow it to be normally operated under gravity flow conditions. Pumping facilities are available for pumping water to the plant under extremely low reservoir conditions. The treatment process consists of aeration, coagulation-flocculation, lime addition for corrosion control and pH adjustment, sedimentation, disinfection, filtration, and fluoridation.