Who We Are

Providence Water operates the largest water utility in the State of Rhode Island (the "State"). Providence Water obtains its water supply from a series of surface water reservoirs located in the central portion of the State, treats the raw water through a rapid sand filter filtration plant using conventional chemical treatment, and transmits the treated water to a retail and wholesale distribution system.

Every day, 60 percent of Rhode Islanders turn on their tap to Providence Water. An average of 67 million gallons per day are consumed in the 17 cities and towns served. The Providence Water Supply Board (PWSB) meets the needs of the environment while serving pure, high quality drinking water to its customers.

Water is treated at the PWSB purification plant located in the town of Scituate. It is then transported, by both gravity flow and pumping, through 870 miles of water mains to keep water flowing to the houses, businesses and 5,300 fire hydrants in our vast network.

Constant testing and protection of the Scituate Reservoir and its surrounding watershed ensures that Providence Water is among the best in the nation. Providence Water also implements the Safe Drinking Water Act regulations. These regulations range from increased monitoring requirements to operational guidelines to attain an even higher level of quality control.

Education programs also help in reducing water pollution and teaching conservation. The excellent response and increased interest in global water issues ensures that classes and tours of the facilities will continue

Enabling Legislation

The purpose of the PWSB is to supervise, manage and control water collection, storage, purification, and distribution systems of the City of Providence, Rhode Island ( the "City" ) and other areas within its jurisdiction; and to product and conserve the water supply of the City and other areas within its jurisdiction.

Our Relationship With Providence

The City provides a wide range of services to the PWSB, including personnel, purchasing, and financing. Certain Departments of the City provide services which are integral to the operation of the PWSB.

Included in these are the Treasury Department, which reviews all of the PWSB's cash management functions, the Purchasing Department which processes all purchase requisitions and purchase orders for the PWSB, and the Finance Department, which provides oversight and approval of all PWSB financial transactions, reviews and monitors budgets, reviews and approves all purchase orders and requisitions. The City's costs associated with providing these services, subject to the approval of the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission ("PUC"), are allocated to the PWSB.