Pay Bills

Use the following sample to help locate your account and meter number on your water bill.

  • The account number (highlighted in yellow) is on the first line.
  • The meter number (highlighted in yellow) is on the fourth line.

Credit Card Surcharge Explained

NOTE: Payment options will be diplayed ONLY if there is an account balance.

Credit Card Surcharge Explained

Effective Monday, 25 June 2007 - The credit card payment service bureau, with the PUC's approval, raised the fees on credit card payments for both residential and commercial accounts.

The new fees are:

  • Residential Fee - $3.95 with a cap of $300.
  • Commercial Fee - $8.45 with a cap of $700.

This fee is paid directly to the credit card bureau, not Providence Water. The credit card companies charge the vendors a fee, based on the dollar amount per transaction and the PUC has ruled that this charge must be passed on to the consumer.